Odeh Avshalom Sassoni and Gidon Markovitz, News 12

Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Netanyahu and Blue-White Chairman Gantz for their attitude toward the political representation of Israeli Arabs.

In an interview at a conference held by News 12, Odeh commented on his recent remarks that he may enter a coalition with Gantz: "I see that Netanyahu does not want Arabs in the Knesset and Gantz does not want Arabs in the coalition."

Regarding the initiative to enact a law that would allow cameras to be placed at the polls, Odeh argued, "Netanyahu's intention is to scare the Arab public."

Odeh continued to refer to the possibility of joining the coalition, claiming that both Gantz and Netanyahu were "looking for an Arab who does not have a national identity. A pro-Zionist Arab, like they want - maybe they’ll bring in a fig leaf."

Odeh also claimed that the Likud initiative to put cameras in polls in the Arab sector is “racist.” "Friends, it is so ridiculous that the only party under investigation because of election fraud is the Likud."

"There is no doubt that all Netanyahu's intention is to scare the Arab public and also to show that there is someone stealing, to make it appear that the elections are being stolen.”

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