Netanyahu Kobi Richter, TPS

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has decided to file an indictment for bribery against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu within the context of the Case 4000 investigation, according to Hadashot 2.

According to the report, a senior judicial official said that Mandelit's decision had been made.

The prime minister's lawyers responded: "On the eve of a meeting between the prime minister’s attorneys and the attorney general, there is no room for leaks aimed at sabotaging the meeting and damaging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's right to be heard in a matter-of-fact and fair manner.”

“It is ridiculous that neither money nor envelopes but a handful of unhostile articles in a sea of ​​hostile articles against the prime minister on an internet site are considered bribery."

"According to this criterion, 43 ministers and MKs who voted for the closing of Israel Hayom in exchange for sympathetic coverage by Noni Mozes should know that they are to be accused of bribery. And so now every politician who received sympathetic coverage. This is an absurdity that undermines the foundations of democracy."