Israeli-Jordanian border in Aqaba
Israeli-Jordanian border in Aqaba iStock

12 people were killed over the weekend in flash floods in Jordan, and nearly 4,000 tourists were evacuated from the ancient city of Petra amid a four-meter-high deluge, reported Arab News.

In the southern town of Maan, authorities opened a shelter for dozens of people whose homes were surrounded by water.

The 12 people who died included two children and a diver who had been taking part in rescue efforts. Two of the bodies were found on Saturday.

Among those confirmed dead were six people found in the Madaba area southwest of the capital, Amman. To the east, three people were killed near Dabaa on the Desert Highway, and one was killed near Maan in the south.

The Jordanian Army was taking part in the search and rescue efforts, deploying helicopters and all-terrain vehicles after floodwater cut off the Desert Highway.

The Israeli consul in Jordan, Zohar Simon, said Saturday night that contact had been made with six Israelis who were traveling in the area of the flooding.

The latest flooding comes just two weeks after 21 people, most of them children, were killed in flash floods near the Dead Sea.

The victims were killed after they were swept away by torrential rains while on a hike. The tourism and education ministers resigned over the Dead Sea flooding, according to Arab News.

The rescue efforts were assisted by Israel's elite 669 Search and Rescue unit, as well as the Israel Police's Megillot Search and Rescue Unit.