Rabbi Aryeh Stern
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Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern penned a letter to the families of those murdered in the Pittsburgh massacre yesterday, in which eleven people were murdered.

"To our brethren the Jewish People, wherever they may be,

"We were shocked to hear of the tragedy that struck in the midst of Shabbat by a low murderer acting from hatred of Jews.

"Unfortunately we are not surprised by the outbursts of hatred that come at times in Israel and at times in the Diaspora. But we must know that our strength is in our unity. Unity born of true love that will prove to the entire world that we are not broken and we have not given up but are rather strengthened and invigorated.

"'For the L-rd shall not leave His nation, and his inheritance He shall not abandon'; We wish to console the bereaved families with the consolation of Zion and Jerusalem, remember that the murder targeted the victims only because of their Jewishness, and their souls join the list of all the holy martyrs who sanctified the Name of Heaven in their deaths and they will never be forgotten forever.

"May you and we together be strengthened,

"With blessings from Jerusalem,

"Rabbi Aryeh Stern

"Rabbi of Jerusalem"

Aside from those murdered, another 6 people were wounded in the massacre. Two of the victims, a 70 year old man and a 40 year old policeman, were seriously wounded. The condition of three others - a 61 year old woman, 55 year old man, and 27 year old policeman, are stable. Another policeman was lightly wounded and has already been released from the hospital.

Rabbi Stern's letter
Rabbi Stern's letterJerusalem Chief Rabbi secretariat