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Interior Minister Aryeh Deri today banned the departure of Supreme Muslim Council in Jerusalem head Akrameh Sabri.

Deri's decision comes in light of security officials' recommendations who presented him with information that Sabri is exploiting his departures for conferences and symposia abroad aimed at harming state security.

Sabri also uses incitement and subversion against the State, and has long been connected to terror activists in Israel and abroad.

According to security sources, Sabri is close with Hamas operatives in Turkey and various countries around the world and is involved in ongoing incitement against Israel.

"From the information presented to me, there's a real concern that the departure of Sabri from Israel would endanger state security. As I recently prevented entry of boycott activists into Israel, so do I prevent the exit of people who, if they leave the country, would act to harm the State," Deri concluded.

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