IPhone istock

The Israel police and the Communication Ministry have decided on new steps to deal with the proliferation of cell phone theft in Israel.

As part of the collaboration, the Communication Ministry will establish licenses for the mobile companies which will allow them to block the use of a stolen cell phone, even if the SIM card was exchanged.

In addition, the police will be able to locate stolen cell phones much easier than they are able to at this time.

How does it work? If your cell phone is stolen, all you have to do this to update your cell phone company about the theft of your device so it will block both the number and the device itself.

The blockage will result in the device becoming unusable even if a different SIM card is inserted into it.

The police and the Communication Ministry say that the sending of the message to the cellular company and the blocking of the device does not makes it unnecessary to locate the thief. The theft of a mobile phone should be reported to the police as soon as possible.

The Israel police attach great importance to the problem of the theft of mobile phones and as part of the effort to return the stolen devices to their owners, returned more than 2,000 stolen cell phones and laptops in 2016.