Brutally attacked: Tzvika Cohen
Brutally attacked: Tzvika Cohen Courtesy of the Cohen Family

The military prosecutor's office filed an indictment against two weeks ago against Saadi Ali Abu Hamad, the 21-year-old Arab terrorist who brutally attacked a Jewish security guard in Ma'ale Adumim in February - and details of the investigation prove the act was highly premeditated. 

Hamad initially claimed that the motive was personal, alleging that his victim had provoked the attack by "insulting" him, but soon changed his story and admitted to savagely attacking the guard for "nationalistic" (i.e. anti-Semitic) reasons. 

Hamad will be charged with voluntary manslaughter - the equivalent of attempted murder in court proceedings in Judea-Samaria - as well as possession of a knife and obstructing justice. A hearing will be held later this week.

According to the indictment, Hamad saw coverage of an event whereby Palestinian terrorists were shot and then were prevented from receiving medical care in January; shortly thereafter, he decided to carry out a revenge attack. 

He bought an axe in his village, hid it under his clothes, and then went to the mall in Ma'ale Adumim where he worked to hide the weapon. Over the next several weeks, he followed closely the behavior of his co-workers and other mall employees. 

On Thursday, February 25, Hamad stayed over at the deli where he worked. Shortly after midnight, he removed the axe from its hiding place, hid it under his jacket, and started to follow security guard Tzvika Cohen. He then asked Cohen to open the employees' entrance for him - before hitting him with the axe all over his body multiple times. 

Cohen suffered severe injuries, head injuries, and a finger amputation. Not enough for Hamad, the terrorist allegedly kept leaving the scene and returning, trying to beat the guard to death; he also took the guard's pepper spray and sprayed it into his mouth to suffocate him. 

Hamad then fled the scene and fled to his village, Azariyeh, where friends helped him change and dispose of his bloody clothes. He then made his way to a relative's home, where he confessed what he had done; the relative convinced him to turn himself in - but Palestinian Authority (PA) security officials in Bethlehem were reluctant to report the incident to the IDF over concerns they would damage the building during the arrest.

Eventually, the relative convinced the terrorist to turn himself in between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

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