A group of Israeli comedians have responded with mockery to a recent ISIS video in which the jihadist groups threatens the Jewish state for the first time in Hebrew.

Last week, ISIS published the video as part of its efforts to encourage Palestinians to continue to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli Jews. In it, a masked man, presumably one of dozens of Israeli Arabs who have traveled to Syria to join ISIS, speaks fluent Hebrew and vows that the murderous Islamist group will eventually conquer Jerusalem.

"The real war hasn't begun yet," he says.

"We promise you that not a single Jew will be left in the entire country," the terrorist continues, clutching a Kalashnikov assault rifle and waving a knife in tribute to the wave of stabbing attacks carried out by Arab terrorists in Israel over the past month.

He boasts that ISIS are po‎sitioning themselves along all of Israel's borders, and that once they conquer Jordan they will similarly invade and destroy the Jewish state.

But although the video briefly made headlines given that it was the first such message released in Hebrew by ISIS, few Israelis were particularly moved by yet another Muslim extremist making a threat to annihilate their country.

In a response summing up that Israeli sense of amused indifference, comedy troupe Be'erech produced a tongue-in-cheek music video, taking up ISIS's challenge to do battle - well, an MC battle at least.

In the track - entitled "Escalation 2015 - Battle Daesh (ISIS)" - the Israeli comedians dress in Israeli army fatigues and poke fun of everything from the amateurish way the jihadist holds his weapon, to his threatening the most powerful army in the Middle East "with a knife you stole from your mother's kitchen."

"You ran to Syria because you couldn't find work," one raps. "You want to be Abu Ali? Don't speak behind our backs, tell it to the faces of five border police," he continues, referring to the impressive record of border police officers in dispatching terrorists.

"Don't come with your jihad - a year ago you served me humus!" he adds.

Another derides the terrorist's threats of more attacks against Israelis, noting the relative ineffectiveness of most Islamist attackers, only a few of whom have succeeded in murdering Israelis before being shot dead.

"You don't get it? Here we aren't afraid of terrorist attacks. Ten of you dead for every one of us injured! ...We have F-16s, you have knives."

The full video in Hebrew (including some rather less polite excerpts) can be viewed below: