Saudi Arabia's King Salman
Saudi Arabia's King SalmanReuters

A group of students from Saudi Arabia and a number of other Gulf states visited the Israeli Embassy in Washington as part of an international education program, classified documents published by WikiLeaks on Friday reveal. 

According to the documents, just some of the 60,000 secret Saudi diplomatic communications leaked, the embassy staff gave the students diplomatic briefings. The students even took pictures with the staff. 

Saudi Arabia responded on Saturday telling citizens not to distribute "documents that might be faked."

That statement, made by the Foreign Ministry on its Twitter account, appears to be the only government response to the leak; both state and private media ignored the WikiLeaks release. 

The documents, according to WikiLeaks, include embassy communications, emails between diplomats and reports from other official state departments and organizations. 

The international organization, which publishes secret and classified information as well as news leaks, says this first batch of 60,000 documents is the lead up to the eventual release of some half a million Saudi documents it has obtained. 

WikiLeaks would not say from where it had collected the documents.