Gantz: Netanyahu abusing power, undermining rule of law

Blue and White chairman calls on Knesset to unite to remove Netanyahu from power after he attempted to have appoint Akunis Justice Minister

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Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malchah

In an address broadcast this evening by Blue and White chairman, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, related to the prime minister’s attempt to appoint a Likud ally as justice minister "in violation of the laws underpinning the government in today’s cabinet meeting."

He said: “In today’s cabinet meeting, the prime minister made a premeditated attempt to trample on the rule of law. He made the attempt and failed. His attempt to call a vote, using illegal manipulation, to silence the attorney general and violate the equality principle enshrined in law that he voted in favor of – is an attempt at trampling upon the rule of law and undermining democratic principles. All in the guise of a cabinet meeting."

"For a year now, Blue and White has stood up to these types of attempts and has prevented a person facing serious criminal charges from harming and controlling the apparatus responsible for the rule of law. We have done so throughout and will continue to do so, until an upstanding government is in place... The prime minister’s aggressive and illegal tactics need to be stopped now.

He called upon Knesset lawmakers to join a pro-change government, saying: “This is what the moment demands of us. I call upon lawmakers who are still deliberating: Netanyahu has violated our agreement time and time again, and he will do the same with any other agreement. His word means nothing and his personal considerations overshadow any other consideration. This is what the moment demands of us, to get beyond our differences. Israel needs a devoted national government that protects the fundamentals of democracy above all else, those same fundamentals that Netanyahu is currently trying to undermine.”