Israel continues to lead world in Corona vaccinations

A little over a week into the vaccination campaign about 379,000 Israelis vaccinated; 98,916 over the past day.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Corona vaccine
Corona vaccine
Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Israel continues to lead the international community in coronavirus vaccinations. A little over a week after the mass vaccination campaign began, approximately 379,000 Israelis have received the treatment, with 98,916 individuals vaccinated over the last day alone.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein tweeted this morning: "Beginning of the second week of the vaccination campaign - 100,000 vaccines administered daily and a total of 379,000 people vaccinated to date."

"The Ministry of Health, medical clinics, hospitals, and Magen David Adom deserve all the credit. And most of all - thank you, citizens of Israel, for coming out to vaccinate. We will continue as we've begun and even boost the pace of vaccination," Edelstein added.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has set a goal of 150,000 daily vaccinations over the coming week. "I talked to heads of companies supplying us with the vaccines over the weekend and told them our goal was to reach 150,000 vaccines a day by the end of the week. It's fantastic that we're on pace to set a world record. I asked them to try and get the speed of delivery up to the national vaccination rate, and they said they thought it was possible," he said.

The Ministry of Health, for its part, said it considered the target rate feasible and one that could even be surpassed. It also announced the expected opening of some-250 vaccination complexes in the coming days.