What are the rioters planning this Friday?

'Supreme authority' declares third week of violent protests at Gaza fence with burning of Israeli flags.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gaza riots
Gaza riots
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The 'supreme national authority of the return march' and the breaking of the siege in Gaza' announced that another 'popular day of rage' will be held this Friday which will be marked by the burning of the Israeli flag and the raising of Palestinian flags.

The statement further stated that the processions of the 'return' will continue for many months, and that the confrontation with the "occupation" will continue and escalate until the "Palestinian people" realize its goals.

The strategic goal of the return march is to "realize the refugees' right of return to their homes, and oppose the American President Donald Trump's decade-long deal to settle the conflict."

The Council called for 'Nakba Day' to be marked on May 15 as an important milestone in the struggle of the "Palestinian people" and today the breach of the border and the historic return to the "occupied lands" in accordance with UN Resolution 194.