Guess who's coming to the House?

Girls, girls, girls in the House (oy vey).

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez marches during the Bronx's 'pride' parade in the Bronx
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez marches during the Bronx's 'pride' parade in the Bronx
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I never said all Millennials are stupid. Not at all. I watch “Jeopardy,” the Alex Trebek show where it really takes brains to succeed, and they do, these Millennials.

Good thing, too. We need them to be smart. They are the future.

Unfortunately, it is the recently-hatched brainwashed types from college who opt for politics, run for Congress – and win.

Ready they come with a grudge against our Judeo/Christian culture…unlike “The Girls of Cincinnati.”

We speak of four lovelies, two here, who have just won seats in the House, sparking somersault excitement within the Progressive Farrakhan community.

They are women. They are young. They are restless. They are strong. They are invincible, and all have nice Liberal hair and good Progressive teeth.

That is mostly what got them elected because other than that, they offer nothing except good grooming and strange politics.

Their goal is to Make America Venezuela Again…open borders…sky-high taxes…anti-law enforcement…anti- military…up on gender bending…down with Trump.

For all that they call themselves “The Dream Team.”

Then this. Always this among Democrats. So lovely. So anti-Semitic. Notice that except for the links, this good one from Glamour magazine, I have not mentioned their names.

That is because I can’t tell them apart. All anti-Semites look alike to me, smiling faces, bright teeth and all.

Two of them, as we hear, are Muslim. Why not? Hey, this is America. Or was. These two, it seems, really have it in for the Jews.

One of them, or maybe both, wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag – except that there is no Palestine, never was, and so there is no flag.

Besides, are they being sworn in as Americans, or what? If you like honor killings, tossing gays from rooftops, female genital mutilation, you will love these new chicks of the House.

The third one, Pressley or something, I don’t know much about her, except for the smile. Nice. As nice as sharia coming to town.

On the fourth one, I am an expert. That would be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who suddenly represents parts of Bronx and Queens. She typifies them all.

But let’s have the writer from Glamour magazine fill in the blanks:

“I literally squealed with joy upon seeing New York Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's latest Instagram featuring her new colleagues Ayanna PressleyRashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. This one photo features the youngest person elected to Congress, the first black woman to represent Massachusetts, the first Palestinian American woman elected to the House, and the first Somali American Muslim and first woman of color to represent Minnesota.”


Such nachus! The feature writer “literally” squealed…while I “literally” laughed my head off at this collection of Babes up to no good – or do I mean “figuratively?”

My expertise on the subject of Ocasio-Cortez began the minute she opened her mouth. Her sit-downs proved one thing, that she knows nothing…about anything.

I can’t remember everything she said. Once was enough. That is when she opinionated about the Middle East and declared “Palestine” being treated unfairly; Israel guilty of everything.

Pressed for details…well, the settlements. What about the settlements? Well, she conceded, “I really don’t know much about the topic.”

But she knows enough to be an anti-Semite. As they taught her in school. Because that is what they teach.

We used to imagine what it would be like if people like that ran the country. The minute after they are sworn in (from the Koran?) we will need to imagine no more.

It has arrived.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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