Marc Caputo and the madenss of the mainstream media

The US public is angry at the media and it is not hard to see why. Marc Caputo is the latest example of putting down those who think differently than they do.

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A basic rule of “presenting” is to never put down the people one is talking to,

it’s a rule that many in the news world break regularly.

The recent example comes from Politico, whose Marc Caputo, took to social media and mocked Trump fans as toothless hillbillies.

Caputo’s tweets are an example of the truth behind the anger of many Americans toward the mainstream media–mainstream media arrogance.

Caputo’s tweets are an example of the truth behind the anger of many Americans toward the mainstream media–mainstream media arrogance.
Caputo was trying to defend Jim Acosta, the most hated newsman in America who was heckled during a Trump rally earlier this week. While doing a live report at President Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida, CNN’s Jim Acosta had to dealwith hecklers screaming CNN Sucks, Fake News, and Go Home.

In a true arrogant fashion, Caputo responded to an Acosta tweeted video showing his harassment claiming,

If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth

— Marc Caputo (@MarcACaputo) August 1, 2018

Way to justify the anger towards mainstream media reporters Marc, act like you are better than the people you are reporting about. That is part of the reason your buddy Acosta is unpopular.

But Caputo wasn’t done, the stupid fairy must have sprinkled more dust on him because he shoved his foot further down his throat:

Oh, no! I made fun of garbage people jeering at another person as they falsely accused him of lying and flipped him off.

Someone fetch a fainting couch.

— Marc Caputo (@MarcACaputo) August 1, 2018

Of course, Caputo generated a Twitter backlash;

Meghan McCain@MeghanMcCain

This is so gross and this kind of statement is what so many in the middle of the country think the media thinks of them. @politico should hold their reporters to a higher standard.

           Stephen Miller@redsteeze

          “Siri, why does Trump’s enemy of the people insult resonate with voters?”  

            Joel B. Pollak@joelpollak

            @Politico reporter shows why Americans hate the news media

           James Hasson@JamesHasson20

            Atta boy, Marc. That will convince them that the media is not against them

CNN Commentator/Hill Contributor Paris also trashed Caputo:


During this election cycle @realDonaldTrump voters have been called crazies, deplorable, racists and now you have a reporter saying this below…its pretty sad. At the end of the day, we were motivated, we voted and we won and are still winning because the #MAGA agenda is working! …

Federalist Contributor Chad Felix Greene put it best.

Chad Felix Greene@chadfelixg

The Left loves nothing more than the artificial sense of elitist superiority they get when mocking the poor and pointing in disgust at the average American they deem 'uneducated' and too unsophisticated to be viewed as people.

Always the same. …

Based on the angry reaction or (if you believe it) a real sense of guilt Marc Caputo apologized.

Marc Caputo@MarcACaputo

I need to apologize for tweeting caustic remarks after seeing a reporter berated & abused. Hate begets hate. My comments referred ONLY to those jeering and swearing at the man, not a broad swath of people. But the fault is mine for causing confusion and feeding anger. 1/3

          Marc Caputo@MarcACaputo

 1 Aug

 Replying to @MarcACaputo

In the age of social media, where divisiveness serves no decent purpose, these flippant comments on my part only made things worse and contributed to a cycle of rage that I should not have inflamed further. So I'm sorry. 2/3

Marc Caputo@MarcACaputo

While it’s usually a good idea to just delete tweets that are wrong, I own this and the criticism (both accurate and misleading) that has followed. I'll do better. Here they are: 3/3

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What Caputo, his buddy Jim Acosta and too many others in the mainstream media do not understand is that the people’s anger goes beyond the fake news and biased reporting, it's the arrogance.

Caputo’s compatriots believe the people are stupid, it's why they ignored the Obama scandals such as fast and furious, the IRS attacks on conservative organizations and the Benghazi lies. It is also why they attack Donald Trump and his supporters. Since these arrogant newsmen believe that Trump’s policies are so obviously wrong, those who believe in his policies must be stupid.

It is that mainstream media arrogance which results in the fake news, the biased reporting, and much of the public’s anger at the mainstream media.