Had the beating victim been Muslim and not Jewish...

A Jewish woman was thrown out of the window by a Muslim shouting "Allah Akhbar," but the judge didn't see it as a hate crime. What about an 8 year old Jewish child beaten by Muslims?

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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What would have happened if a Muslim child had been beaten on a street?

What would have happened if a Muslim girl had been shot in the face with two schoolmates and her father, an imam?

What would have happened if a Muslim woman had been thrown out of the window?

What would have happened if a young Muslim who was selling mobile phones had been tortured and burned?

What would have happened if a mob had entered the homes of Muslims, had raped the women and stolen everything?

What would happen if 40,000 Muslims had escaped in fear?

What would have happened if four Muslims had been murdered in a halal shop?

What would happen if all the Muslim schools and mosques had to be protected by the army?

In France, radical Muslims killed a slew of people merely for publishing a cartoon about their Prophet. Can you imagine what would have happened if all the events listed above would have take place?

All this is happening in France right now, but the victims are all Jewish. Jewish boys beaten in the public square for wearing a kippah, Jewish schools protected as if they are bunkers, Jews murdered, one tenth of the French Jewish population who fled or moved, Jews burned to death....

Now a French judge has decided that the case of Sarah Halimi, murdered last year by a Muslim crying “Allah Akbar”, doesn't deserve the “hate crime” definition.

Our élites are brainwashing Western society on “Islamophobia” at such a rate and degree that they have ended up being apologetic de facto for a monstrous anti-Semitism that grows from within European countries and that will eventually devour us all.