Occupied Orlando (and shame on David Remnick)

To them, we are all infidels, but our president keeps inviting them in. And Trump is getting it right.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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Last Wednesday it was Tel Aviv, and only a few days later it was Orlando when Muslim hotheads came to kill.

Everything about it was the same, except that in one place, Israel, the world blamed it on the victims.

“It’s the occupation.” Thus spoke voices from among the Palestinian Arabs beginning with Mahmoud Abbas.

No wait. He also said that “both sides” share the blame.

The Left agreed. From CNN, from the BBC, from The New York Times, from The Washington Post, from the leftist mayor of Tel Aviv and others, we heard that the Tel Aviv killer was “enraged” because of the “occupation” -- to have us believe that this particular Muslim Arab murderer was NOT under the influence of mandatory Jihad.

He was not crazed by calls from the mosques to slaughter nonbelievers.

Nope. He got up one morning and said to himself, what troubles me today? Ah, yes. The occupation.

So who is occupying Orlando, U.S.A?

Must be the same reason that caused the atrocity in Orlando, the occupation…the good old convenient occupation.

Therefore, at any moment we should be hearing about a “peace process” to “bring both sides together.”

From that logic, the United States must be prepared to make “painful concessions” for the sake of peace and security. Orlando must be divided.

After all, what’s good for Tel Aviv must be just as good for Orlando. In their eyes we are all equal, equally guilty for occupying Muslim territory.

We are all infidels, only under different skies.

To Jihadist Islam everything belongs to them and we are all targets. BDS thinks so and on nearly every campus they won’t let anyone forget.

They use every beer hall tactic available to stomp home the message.

The FBI is on the job and the rest of our law enforcement officers are likewise on alert for more of the same. They are monitoring Jihadist terror cells in every state throughout the U.S.A. We are not at the end of this war against Islamic terrorism, which is not “workplace violence,” Mr. President.

We are at the beginning as I’ve been prophesying since this book went to print.

It’s Islamic Terrorism and the 72 virgins awaiting a job well done.
Nor is it generic terrorism, like the kind that keeps killing people in Chicago. No, it’s Islamic Terrorism and the 72 virgins awaiting a job well done.

That’s the imperative that’s got these people “enraged.”

Our cops can’t keep up with them because as soon as they’ve got the ones in the house squared and tabulated, here’s what happens: Obama brings more of them into our homes, and by the boatload from Syria and elsewhere. Hillary keeps asking for more. There are not enough minarets to satisfy her.

She likewise won’t say what IS is. Nor will Bernie, and from a leading spokesman on the Radical Left, something else is bothering him. Immediately after the event, The New Yorker’s David Remnick took to the pages of his own magazine to express his outrage…not against Radical Islam, but against Donald Trump.

Radical Islam is too hot to handle. For Radical Leftists like Remnick, Trump is a far more convenient target. He barks, but he won’t bite.

In a tempter tantrum that shames the esteemed weekly previously known for high literature, Remnick went ballistic, accusing Trump of “exploiting the horror.”

The horror itself? The killer and the Islamic extremism and intolerance that sent him? That did not get nearly as much spit from Remnick as did Trump.

Apparently, Trump is to be faulted and scorned – and for what? For getting it right! Trump wants a halt to the influx.

Anything can happen when we let these people in, and it happened all right.

How typical of the cowardly Left to aim in the wrong direction, even tilting at windmills. How sickening!

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