The Luxury of Conscience is Too Expensive for the EU

The EU official actually admitted that morality plays no part in that august body's decisions. Its leftist female heads prove him right.

Dr. Inna Rogatchi

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Inna Rogatchi

Like in a B-grade Hollywood movie, the flag of a non-existent state which in fact is a conglomerate of terrorists, is flying over UN headquarters, raised there just a few days prior to the vicious pre-meditated series of lethal terrorist attacks claiming lives of innocent civilian people in their own land on their Holidays.

The Palestinian boss of terrorists, he who incites terror repeatedly, speaks at the UN General Assembly as if he is an internationally recognised head of state. It would be one of the cheapest, rock-bottom Hollywood productions if somebody had enough idiocy to write this as a script, but there is no limit to shame in the real UN and EU headquarters when it comes to Israel and its people.

In commenting on most of the EU policies, one cannot help but be sarcastic. There is no other way to relate to the un-working instruments of non-existing policies on many vital issues of that ever-growing monstrous bureaucracy in Brussels which primaily lives for its own satisfaction. Under the current circumstances of an unprecedented vacuum of sensible leadership and efficient administration, over 500 million people living in Europe are left on their own, being brought literally to the brink on chaos.

But still, the EU bosses just love their roles, often self-imposed ones, as world judges with a big J. It is ridiculous to hear all that repetitious and  pompous lip-service on ‘the implementation of the peace process’ in the Middle-East, all those orders and commands, all those directives – from whom, actually?

The EU foreign policy was led by two females in sequence, first Catherine Ashton and now Federica Mogherini. Both are hard-core communists, both unequivocal sympathisers with Palestinians, Iranians, and the other ‘angels of peace’ in their devotedly fraternal perception of terrorists and their primitive world of hard-core left admirers of radical Islamic terrorism.

Back in 2012, then the EU High Representative for the Foreign Policies Catherine Ashton scandalously dared to compare the vicious terrorist attack on the Jewish people and children in Toulouse with ‘the situation in Gaza’ putting it in one sentence, without taking a breath. In a way, it was a Freudian slip for her. She really thought so  - and this was the problem with that political appointee who had no qualifications for her position.

Children the victims? Civilians? A school? Come on, those were Jewish children, Jewish civilians and a Jewish school. They did not count for the female sitting at the panel promoting Palestinian youth at the time of the Toulouse terrorist attack and her outrageous statement ( see my article on the subject ).

Why does the EU leadership believe that it can rule the world? Especially, as we all are witnessing a complete fiasco with its own Europe.
What is Mme Ashton doing nowadays? After stepping down as the EU foreign policy boss, she had been appointed the EU Special Envoy on Iran. Those people do not step down, they are always ‘arranging’ another attractive position for themselves. It is their main sport, and they are good at it, never explaining what they are actually paid for.

We all know the results of her activities there. She has played a serious role in paving the way to the disastrous Iran deal. Maybe, she will even be co-nominated for the Nobel so-to-say – Peace Prize, along with Mr Kerry, and his Iranian counterpart, of course, for all their efforts. And now this sincere advocate of so-very-nice Ayatollahs is the one of the four leading candidates, all females,  for the next UN General Secretary. It all is self-revealing.

But this progressing support of terrorists should not be allowed to flourish unchallenged.   Enough is enough, and has been enough for a long while already.

Three years after the Toulouse massacre, in the wake of the brutal murder of Rabbi Nechemia Henkin and his wife in front of their four children aged 9, 7, 4,  and four months,  the current EU foreign policy boss Federica Mogherini did literally the same as her predecessor. Mogherini dared to call for a Palestinian state and for peace negotiations with Palestinians in the same statement on the terror attack in Itamar. She dared to call for “ restraint” from the Israeli side in the same statement with its palpably lukewarm concern for victims of the vicious crime.

Does the position of EU foreign policy chief have a hidden side-effect on the supposedly gentle gender of the holders of the position? But it would be unfair to say so towards men. Many of them are far more human than the EU female foreign policy bosses, both the previous and the current one. 

It has become a commonplace to say that 99% of politics is in fact, ‘real-politic’ , the phenomenon of action or non-action of corrupted mind of the parties and players, a cartel applied to politics. In such cartels, there is no place for morality. But it is one thing to make distant observations, and another to be insulted by the low mind and absence of heart from the people who, unelected, have been appointed to rule over core issues in the lives of the millions, not only in Europe, but elsewhere in the world – as they extend their power-net, without any reason or real necessity to do so.

Many years ago, a very senior EU official, being in a friendly mood, shared this with me: “We haven't the luxury of ( applying) morality ( to our decision-making process and its conduct)”. Utterly "charmed" by this frank statement of the state of things, I asked simply: “Why not?” I was interested to hear the reply. It went as predicted: “Because in that case we would not move anywhere”.  The questions here are on the definition of “we” and on the direction and goals of that EU ‘moving.’ 

Why does the EU leadership believe that it can rule the world? Especially, as we all are witnessing a complete fiasco with its own Europe. And is the goal of ‘moving’ by EU leadership standards to help install the Islamic Caliphate world-wide? There is no better means for that than to appease the terrorists. And this is exactly that EU foreign policy bosses have been doing consistently from the very moment of the establishing their position in the EU hierarchy.

In order to understand the behaviour of Mme Mogherini, one should remember that she is a hard-core left political operative who made her career by being an assistant to the bosses of the Italian left, starting from the far left and coming down to a bit milder left, along with the changes of the political winds in the world. Her graduate work was on Islam and its influence on politics and religion. It must have been a subject dear to her heart for an Italian girl in the early 1990s to focus on such theme, but not that unusual for a hard-core communist, of course.

Based on her life priorities, Mogherini declared the Middle-East her top priority as the new EU foreign policy chief when she succeed the other devoted Stalinista and staunch supporter of Palestinian terrorists Ms Ashton in 2014. We can see Mogherini’s priorities and her understanding of the situation in her actions and reactions: radiating happiness at numerous meetings throughout the shameful process that led to the disastrous Iran deal; those happy baby smiles and unlimited cordiality towards her Palestinian friends. And then we heard her cynical, steel cold, outrageous statement on the Itamar terrorist attack.

Whom does Federica Mogherini think she is? If she believes and hopes that the world is taking her seriously, she is gravely mistaken. The world relates to the devoted appeasers of terrorists as they ought to be related to – with contempt and indignation.

From a time perspective, the classic admission by the senior EU official on morals as a luxury sounds like a quote from a fairy-tale. Facing the reaction – and actions – by the current EU foreign policy boss who fully inherited her predecessor’s line, it is obvious that not only morals are perceived as a luxury on the top-floor of the EU leadership, but that it is conscience which has become the luxury there as well.  And that shameless and completely inhuman stand of the appeasers of the radical Islamic terrorists shall and will be confronted.

To the Mogherinis of all kinds, on the record: Israel and its people will survive and will prevail. We did prove it throughout all our history which is about 4 thousand years by now.  We will prevail because we do not teach our children to throw stones at people, nor to stab and shoot them. We will prevail because we do not preach hate. We will prevail because our G-d is with us and he leads and protects Israel.

The inhuman caricatures of all kinds who make their living by naming black white are a very small nuisance in the records of life - where conscience is not a luxury but a precondition for a decent existence.