Book Burning - Next?

Proclaim Liberty - while you still can.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Books -- but not on Mideast with Israelis
Books -- but not on Mideast with Israelis
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Nothing says Passover as clearly as Moses’ exhortation from the Book of Leviticus: “Proclaim liberty throughout the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

That powerful phrase of highest nobility breathes through every thought in America’s twin founding papers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

That’s what we’re all about. Or so it used to be. Times change. People change.

America’s anthem also takes its cue from that line in the Hebrew Bible. But…

Land of the free? Ask Dinesh D’Souza, the writer/filmmaker who faces jail-time for displeasing Obama.

Home of the brave? Ask women’s rights champion Ayaan Hirsi Ali who was honored and finally dishonored from Brandeis University because she displeased Radical Islam and its cohorts on the Left.

Logically, given Islamic sensitivities, the next step at Brandeis has to be the bonfire of the vanities: book burning. Surely there are plenty of books throughout our PC-afflicted universities that are objectionable and fail to meet Sharia standards.

Note that on whoring with terrorists, Brandeis is not alone. See here how a former president at Penn State came to a Halloween party dressed as a suicide bomber.

Without much effort you will find that brainless and gutless university leaders are the rule, not the exception. But Brandeis has become something special. Columns keep being written. Letters keep streaming in. People are fearful that “Brandeis” may be a snapshot of our future.

If Brandeis came to test America about its resolve to fight the forces of intolerance, hello? We lose.

Caution, parents, lest you hand over your children to the tender mercies of yet another campus infiltrated by Palestinian-BDS jackals and their academic enablers.

Somewhat amazing, isn’t it, how our most refined scholars are so quick to welcome a confederacy of thugs as their brothers.

The people who are supposed to protect us from the sins of a brutal world, where are they?

At the first push against our freedoms, Brandeis president Frederick Lawrence caved to the allure of brute power, and shortly thereafter scores of academics from the same university rather than bless Ali, cursed this woman who knows the inglorious aspects of Radical Islam from first-hand experience.

They denounced a woman who ought to be praised. She lived it, speaks it, writes it, films it and she ought to have expected the same generosity of courage from her fellow academics. Instead, they found it safer to join the mindless mob.

Where were the students who view their education as being a first step toward “repairing the world?” Most were silent.

For more on “Jews who don’t make trouble,” readers are invited to check out this.

But something good happened. People who never kept count, now know the score.

You saw it on TV when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly went head-to-head with CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper - CAIR being the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

There it was, etched and encapsulated in one setting. Hooper refused to listen to what Kelly had to say on the matter of Brandeis and Radical Islam. Using shouts, insinuations and accusations, he took the floor and never let go.

He would not let her speak. He ridiculed her, scolded her, bullied her, and denied her the right to have an opinion. She is “only a woman,” after all. She must be silenced. She must know her place. She must be “dominated.” That is his world.

But as we saw from the failings at Brandeis to Hooper’s attempt to overpower Kelly, that world has arrived. It’s here. We have been warned.

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