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The inconvenient truths behind the hysteria over climate change

Green ideology represents humanity as the enemy of sustainable life. Such priority for the inanimate and animal world is pagan.Op-ed..

The inconvenient truths behind the hysteria over climate change

Bennett: New Deal Will Lower Costs of 'Green Tech'

Israel is joining a group of 41 countries that have agreed to drop all customs duties on goods that contribute to a cleaner environment.

Bennett: New Deal WiIl Lower Costs of 'Green Tech'

Japanese Experts Learn about Israeli Technologies

Arutz Sheva visits CleanTech 2012, the largest exhibition of water technology, infrastructure and environment in Israel.

Japanese Experts Learn about Israeli Green Technologies

Israeli Scientists Try to Create 'Green' Car Fuel

Israeli scientists are working on creating “green” fuel for cars from greenhouse gas emissions.

Israeli Scientists Try to Create 'Green' Car Fuel

'Go Green' and Make Money

Israel’s "green machine" helps make the country energy independent, lessens the need to buy coal from Israel-haters and makes money for homeowners.

Israel's Go Green Campaign Promotes Energy Independence

New: Green Building Standard

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Standards Institution launch Israel Green building standard is adapted to Israel's climatic conditions.

New: Green Building Standard

YU Students Offer 'Water Aid'

Working on some small projects over the span of a week, 16 Yeshiva University students had a big impact on Israel's water situation.

Israel's Water Situation a Bit Better? Thanks to YU Students

Israel to PA: Agree on Water?

The PA is refusing to cooperate with Israel on water conservation and quality control, leaving its own people in the lurch.

Israel to PA: Cooperate on Water or Hurt Your Own People

Solar Power to Light Up Arava

The first commercial solar panel field in the Middle East is set to light up the Arava next week at Kibbutz Ketura.

Solar Power Project to Light Up Arava Next Week

Video: Israel and U.S. Go Green

A video presented at the AIPAC conference shows how the US and Israel collaborate on green energy projects such as solar energy and electric cars.

Video Series: Israel and U.S. Go Green Together

Floating Solar Panels

Israel's Solaris Synergy is one of several companies making renewable energy history as it moves into the future with floating solar panels.

Israeli Company Sees Future In Floating Solar Panels

IDF Observes "Earth Hour"

It was lights out at IDF installations for an hour on as the IDF observed Earth Hour for the fourth time - two days before the rest of the world.

Israel's Military Goes Green for "Earth Hour."

New Water Crisis Management Plan

Israel's Cabinet has approved a multi-prong plan to deal with the growing water crisis in the country. First up: more desalination.

Israel's New Water Crisis Management Plan

Yeshiva Boys Win Water Prize

Students at Machon Lev, a Torah-and-technology institution, have developed a small, cheap sensor that warns of water leaks in home piping systems.

Yeshiva Students Win Prize for Water-Saving Sensor

Israel Closer To Solar Power

Agreement signed between Arava Power and Israel Electric Corp. will see renewable energy transferred to electrical lines throughout Israel.

Major Agreement Puts Israel Big Step Closer Towards Solar Power

Obama Praises Israeli Clean-Tech

US President Barack Obama is praising Israel's BrightSource firm for its clean-tech energy -- and the 1,000 jobs it will create for Americans.

Obama Praises Israeli Solar Energy Firm

Golan Wind Farm Project Underway

New wind farm in Golan Heights to be up and running by 2012. "Israeli energy without pollution or special transportation installations", says CEO.

Golan Wind Farm Underway, Declared National Project

Leap Toward Wind, Solar Energy

Israel gets more "green" energy in the form of wind and solar installations in Judea, Negev.

New Wind and Solar Projects to Add Energy

100,000 Water-Savers Installed

Water Authority project installs "Chas-cham" conserving device on sinks in over 40,000 homes in central and southern Israel.

100,000 Water-Conserving Devices Installed in Israeli Homes

More Wind Turbines to Hit Golan

New 14-megawatt wind farm to be built in Golan Heights.

More Wind Turbines to Hit Golan

Intel's Green Building is Gold

Computer hardware giant Intel has created Israel's first American LEED-certified Gold-standard green building in Haifa.

Intel's Green Building is Solid Gold in Haifa

Bias at National Geographic

A National Geographic exhibit on water that closed Sunday showed anti-Israel bias, Israel advocates say.

National Geographic Accused of anti-Israel Bias

Biggest Wind Farm Set for Eilat

An Israeli company will use Israeli technology and equipment to build the largest wind farm in the country in the mountains of Eilat.

Israel's Biggest Wind Farm to Be Built in Eilat

Solar Battery in a Pea Pod

TAU scientist hopes to harness the power of the pea plant to turn sunlight into energy.

A Solar Battery in a Pea Pod

Egypt: No Energy Deals w/ Israel

The Egyptian Energy Ministry has denied reports it is planning to include Israel in a project to create a regional electricity grid.

Egyptian Energy Ministry: No Deals with Israel

Solar Energy Panels: New Crops

The Knesset is considering a proposal by Labor MK Amir Peretz to grant renewable solar energy agricultural status.

Legislation 'To Turn Agricultural Plowshares into Solar Panels'

'More Power to You' in the Arava

Two renewable energy giants have partnered on a project to build 15 new mid-sized solar energy fields to yield 100 megawatts of solar energy.

'More Power to You' in the Arava

Quality Control OK'd on Grey H2O

The Knesset Committee for the Interior and Environmental Protection on Monday approved a bill accelerating the treatment of waste water in Israel.

Knesset Committee OK's Waste Water Treatment Bill

Israel Electric May Go Nuclear

Nuclear and solar power are two alternative energy sources that the Israel Electric Corp. is considering instead of burning more coal.

Israel Electric Corp. Considers Nuclear Plant

Sun Power Takes Off at Airport

Israel's bright summer sun will work harder for the Jewish State, thanks to two new projects implementing the harnessing of solar energy.

Solar Power Takes Off at Ben Gurion Airport

World First in ‘Sun Valley’

It was an Israel lover’s dream come true: Torah observant investors launched a world first in solar energy near Eilat, Israel's "sun valley."

World First: ‘Sun Valley’ Launches Novel Solar Plant