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US to label products from parts of Judea and Samaria as 'made in Israel'

Following Trump administration declaration, US Customs cancels distinction between Israeli products made on different sides of Green Line.

US to label Judea and Samaria products as 'made in Israel'

Simple things you can do to help Israel's economy.

By doing things that help you as well, you can give a boost to Israel's economy, now on a sharp downturn from the Corona lockdown. Opinion.

Simple things you can do to help Israel's economy

How predictable that Europe would declare a trade war on Israel

How predictable that Europe would declare a trade war on Israel

US joins EU hexing Jewish goods – not in my name

US joins EU hexing Jewish goods – not in my name

Bennett: Mark 'Settler' Products 'from Peace Zone'

Economics minister has novel idea regarding labeling of products manufactured in Judea and Samaria.

Bennett: Mark 'Settler' Products 'Made in Peace Zone'

Israeli Game an International Hit

Israel holds tournament in Rummikub, the Israeli-made game that has become a worldwide hit.

Israeli Game an International Hit

EU: City of Modiin Not Part of Israel

The European Union decides that the city of Modiin, home to 80,000, was built on ‘no-man’s land’ and is not part of Israel.

EU: City of Modiin Not Part of Israel

SA Minister Rejects Racially Motivated Boycott

SA has rejected that there were racial motivations for move to prohibit Israeli goods from being sold under label “Made in Israel.”

SA Minister Rejects Labeling is Racially Motivated

Video: ‘Holy Temple Newscast’

A futuristic vision of a newscast on the “Beit HaMikdash” (Holy Temple) channel has been produced by Emunah College student Kayla Krauss.

Video: Futuristic Vision of Newscast on the Holy Temple Channel

Go-Ahead for Museum of Tolerance

The building permit has finally been issued for construction of a $100 million Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.

Green Light for Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance

EarlySense Approved in Canada

Israeli firm expanding into Canada as part of “global strategy to make its patient monitoring system an international standard of care.”

EarlySense’s Patient Monitoring System Approved in Canada

Givat Olam Drilling for Oil

The Givot Olam company has found a way to drill and pump oil, even on Shabbat, without breaking any Jewish laws.

Givot Olam Presents: Drilling for Oil Without Violating Shabbat

‘Anti-Israel Boycotts Useless’

Anti-Israel consumer boycotts are ineffective and should be considered “acts of war,” according to a report by Financial Immunities.

 Anti-Israel Boycotts Useless ‘Acts of War,' Says Research

Israel Flying High at Air Show

A remote control limitary force and a C-Music pod for civilian aircraft are made-in-Israel innovations that are sweeping the Paris Air Show.

Israel Flying High at Air Show

Solar Power to Light Up Arava

The first commercial solar panel field in the Middle East is set to light up the Arava next week at Kibbutz Ketura.

Solar Power Project to Light Up Arava Next Week

Anti-Stress Proteins Discovered

Scientists have discovered that people who have a hard time turning off the stress response may be missing a special protein.

Israeli Scientists Discover Anti-Stress Proteins

JNF Trees to Protect Gaza Belt

The Jewish National Fund plans to help protect Gaza Belt towns in the Negev by planting trees to block terrorist visibility.

JNF Trees to Protect Gaza Belt Towns

Scientists Find Obesity Protein

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute have discovered a protein in the brain that contributes to obesity.

Israeli Scientists Discover Obesity Protein

ALEH Marches with Handicapped

More than 300 marchers participated last week in ALEH's first-ever Jerusalem event, "ALEH Marches Forward" over the city's Chords Bridge.

ALEH Marches Forward in Jerusalem with the Handicapped

Spotting the Ancient Earthquake

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have created a new tool to help understand the patterns of ancient earthquakes.

Scientists Build Tool to Spot Ancient Earthquakes

New Zealand Thanks Israel

New Zealand has thanked Israel for its aid in the wake of a crippling earthquake in Christchurch. Three Israelis are dead, three are still missing.

New Zealand Thanks Israel for Earthquake Aid

New Book About IDF Spokesperson

New book brings together the important announcements made by the IDF Spokesperson throughout Israel's history. INN TV chats with the editor.

The IDF Spokesperson: From Reporting to Marketing

Wolf Prize Awards Announced

Laureates in six different fields of art and science will receive the Israel-based Wolf Prize in May at a special session of Knesset.

Wolf Prizes Set for Awards Ceremony in May

Judea Tourism on Display

Tourist attractions in Judea and Samaria were on display this week at the international tourism exposition IMTM.

Judea Tourism on Display at Intl. Expo

Hirbet Madras Mosaic Uncovered

Archaeologists have uncovered a large, beautiful mosaic floor at a site identified as the home and tomb of the prophet Zecharia, at Hirbet Madras.

Hirbet Madras Mosaic Discovered at Site of Zecharia's Tomb

Israel and Europe Space Co-op

A first of its kind agreement on cooperation in space exploration was signed between Israel and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Israel and European Space Agency Sign Revolutionary Agreement

New Water Crisis Management Plan

Israel's Cabinet has approved a multi-prong plan to deal with the growing water crisis in the country. First up: more desalination.

Israel's New Water Crisis Management Plan

Intl. Interest in Israeli Tech

Dozens of foreign reporters plan to take a tour and see Israeli water and energy technologies.

International Interest in Israel's Water Technology

'Killer Paper' to Preserve Food

Scientists at Bar Ilan University have created a “killer paper” that they hope can be used to preserve food by fighting bacteria.

'Killer Paper' as Food Preservative

Toll Links Prices, Traffic

A one-of-a-kind toll system installed on the new Tel Aviv fast lane varies toll rates according to time of day and demand.

First of Its Kind Tel Aviv Toll Links Prices, Traffic

Device to Find Terrorists

An Israeli device designed for airport security would detect terrorists even if they are unarmed, allowing other passengers to board quickly.

Israeli Device to Detect Terrorists, Even If Unarmed

Israeli Flag Flies in Dubai

Israel's flag flew for the first time at the new Dubai Sports Complex as the national swim team arrived for this week's world competition.

Israeli Flag Flies at Dubai Sports Complex

Cell's Shipping & Packing Dept.

A Weizmann Institute scientist is studying part of the human biological quality control system she calls “the cell’s shipping and packing dept.”

Israeli Researcher Studies Cell’s ‘Shipping and Packing Dept.’

Fulfilling Land-Based Laws

Reishit Ha'aretz helps Jews fulfill difficult-to-follow and rarely-observed Biblical commandments revolving around agricultural life.

Have You Redeemed a Donkey Today? Reishit Ha'aretz Can Help

Israel Sends New Aid to Haiti

Israel boosts aid to Haiti as the earthquake-ravaged country is hit by cholera. Aid will include permanent trauma unit.

Israel Sends Aid to Cholera-Stricken Haiti

Fighting Boycott with ‘Buy-cott’

American pro-Israel activists are planning a massive national “Buy Israel Goods (BIG)” campaign next Tuesday and hope it will continue every day.

Americans Plan ‘Buy-cott’ Campaign Next Week’

Aerospace Security Conference

When the threat level is high, Israel must rise to the challenge, says the head of an aerospace technology conference taking place in Jerusalem.

Aerospace Security Conference in Jerusalem

Russia Chomps on Israeli Carrots

Bugs Bunny would have loved them: Russia gobbles up 9,000 tons of Israeli-grown carrots that are the twice the usual size. Don’t forget potatoes.

Russia Munches on Israel’s Carrots

Blind IDF Vet to Run NYC Race

A blind IDF veteran is running the 26-mile NYC Marathon on Sunday to raise money and awareness for Israel's first seeing-eye dog training center.

Blind IDF Veteran to Run in NYC Marathon Sunday

'Lt.Gen Computer' Plans Missions

Meet TARGET - an Israeli combat-proven mission planning software, with unique image analysis capabilities and numerous mission planning tools

Israel's 'Lt.Gen Computer' Can Plan Military Operations