Nir and Noa Baranes
Nir and Noa BaranesCourtesy of the family

Noa and Nir Baranes, a couple from Kibbutz Ortal and parents of three children, were murdered on Tuesday by a Hezbollah rocket that hit their car as it traveled near the Nafah junction in the Golan.

Noa and Nir are survived by three children, ages 13, 16 and 18. "The Ortal community is strong and united. We will support the family and deal with the pain," promised kibbutz representatives.

Nir headed the poultry farm (formerly tourism and culture) and Noa was secretary of the orchards unit.

They were both rescued from their vehicle in critical condition, but the medics confirmed them both dead at the scene.

Thus far, 28 Israelis have been killed by Hezbollah fire since the start of the war, among them 11 civilians and 17 soldiers.

The Golan Regional Council announced: "This is a difficult and sad morning in the Golan. Two friends, parents of three children, were murdered on their way home. The entire Golan community is shocked, pained and mourning. We embrace the family and the Ortal community and friends in their immense grief. We will continue to be a united and supportive community, as we have been until now. We are all hoping for better days."

Kibbutz Ortal, where the couple and their children lived, announced: "Kibbutz Ortal mourns our two members, Noa and Nir Baranes who were killed by a direct hit on their car. Noa and Nir were central and beloved members of Ortal. They came to Ortal in 2012. The Ortal community is strong and close-knit. We support the family and will help them cope with the situation."

A resident from Ortal said this morning: "A few days ago I wrote about my house burning down. Today my heart is burning. Noa and Nir are two amazing people who were killed on their way home, parents of 3 heroic children, whom I counselled over the years. My heart is broken and security is non-existent. We must save the north."