Car struck by rocket
Car struck by rocketFire and rescue services

Uri Kellner, head of the Golan Regional Council, spoke on Wednesday morning to Channel 2 News on the barrage that claimed the lives of the parents of three children.

"This is a reality that we have been warning about for a long time. We are living in a situation where people shoot here time and time again and this must be resolved by the government. This is a situation that we seem to be accepting with too much composure," he said.

He also added that, "We are protecting the border for the State of Israel and the army has to protect us. We will not be enveloped by anything. I am not ready to live in Hezbollah's playground, I think we should attack.”

Kellner added, saying that, "On October 7th we saw that if there are no civilians on the border, there is no protection for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The army is fighting on the frontlines and the residents must continue their daily routine to win."

On his feelings after the deadly barrage, he said that "Even on this difficult morning, we will not give the enemy any feeling of victory even for one moment. The enemy should not think that we will surrender or break. The residents of the Golan will remain in their homes. There is a high level of community resilience here and an understanding that this is our national mission."

The couple, residents of the north, were killed by a direct hit near the Nafah junction while traveling in their vehicle, which caught fire and burned.

They were rescued from the car, but their condition was defined as critical, but later the medical teams had to pronounce them both dead.

MDA paramedics Aviv Atar and Tarek Haiv said: "Immediately after the sirens were sounded, we received a report of two casualties. When we arrived at the scene, the sight was difficult. We saw a vehicle that had been directly hit. In the front were a man and woman, both unconscious and fatally injured. During the medical treatment, more sirens were sounded, and we ran to protect ourselves and continued treatment during the sirens. The IDF forces helped us. This was very difficult."