Musician, singer, and cantor Noam Buskila ("Noam's events") spoke with Arutz Sheva -Israel National News about how he has been connecting Jews around the world with Israel.

''I have the honor and privilege to be not just a reservist soldier protecting and defending the northern border of Israel, but also to bring the strength and the spirit of the IDF to the diaspora. It's all about the unity.''

''Every performance starts the same way - 'My name is Noam, and I'm not standing here on my own, I'm just representing the IDF.' Everyone thanks me for lifting their spirits. That's what they're looking for right now.''

Along with his music, Noam brings firsthand accounts of the massacre and war. ''I know many soldiers killed since October 7th. I lost two cousins at the Supernova Festival. Three of the boys whose Bar Mitzvahs I led have fallen in Gaza. Those families made a decision to share their stories with the people of Israel.''

He recounted celebrating with the family of fallen soldier Yair Nifousy . ''Their son Yoav had a Bar Mitzvah two months ago. Iris called me and said 'I feel like Yair is with me now, asking that you make this the most beautiful event ever.' We all felt like his presence was with us, it was really Unforgettable celebration.''

Noam believes that he receives support as well as giving it. ''I really feel that every prayer and hug that we get comes back to the field with us. It reminds me we are all messengers of the people and of hope, that's the most important thing for me as a Jewish soldier.''