Yoseph Hadad, an Arab-Israeli activist and advocacy activist for Israel, explains how Hamas takes situations and turns them around to deceive world opinion. "This has happened repeatedly", he says, "nobody checks the facts, Hamas makes blatant accusations against Israel, and the world blames Israel for Hamas’ crimes".

Dr. Shmuel Katz, one of the founders of StandWithUs, commented on this video:

“Never believe the propaganda machines that exploit events and cause harm to more innocent people than you can imagine. Wisdom lies in waiting for the real facts before making any decision. Hamas propaganda manipulates your innocence to deceive you. They amplify stories to suit their narrative, and nobody checks the facts. The clear evidence presented in this video shows that the deaths are attributable to Hamas, driving home the rule: verify the facts before making any judgment on Israel. This pattern has repeated itself numerous times during this war, including in the IDF’s raid on Shifa Hospital, which Hamas had turned into a military installation—a textbook war crime.”