Rafah crossing
Rafah crossingIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel is discussing with the United States and Egypt the issue of the Rafah crossing and its operation after the war, with estimates being that, in the initial phase the crossing will be operated by Palestinian Arab elements not related to the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, journalist Amichai Stein reported on Kan 11 News on Sunday.

According to the report, the parties are interested in the crossing being operated by European entities in the future, but this may take some time.

MK Amit Halevi (Likud) said in response, "To the best of my knowledge, Amichai Stein's report is very accurate. In other words, the Israeli government decided to relinquish control of the border, despite a previous decision that the Rafah crossing would be hermetically closed and a new crossing under Israeli control would be built in Kerem Shalom. The government has walked it back, and the Rafah crossing will be opened sooner or later, and Palestinian forces will manage it."

"This decision is a direct continuation of the 'operational disengagement plan' led by the Chief of Staff and which absurdly grants all the centers of strategic control in the Gaza Strip to Hamas," added Halevi.

He continued, "He who does not control the border, does not control the country. If we do withdraw from the border and do not control the Philadelphi Corridor, we are signing off with our own hands on the next massacre in Be’eri and Nir Oz, and it will be more brutal than the one on October 7, since, unlike us, our enemies learn lessons. We need to stop this deterioration now."