Shira Albag, mother of observer Liri, who was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th, described on Wednesday the moments of the abduction of the observers in the video that is due to be released this evening.

In an interview on Kan Reshet Bet she said: "The terrorists are heard saying – “these are the girls who can get pregnant”.

She further described that, "you see the girls after they entered the shelter, after their friends were murdered. You see many terrorists treating them brutally and talking to them in unpleasant and very violent tones, you see the huge number of terrorists that were there."

"After the base was captured, the girls sat for two hours in the shelter. They were tied up with their friends lying next to them and the terrorists on them."

Albag added that "They edited these videos for us to watch only because they are all very, very difficult and we see in them everything that happened that day. I am one of the only mothers who watched it, the rest could not. I am their representative and I tell them what happened. It’s very difficult for them to watch. Until today they haven't watched it."

On her decision to watch the video she said: "I decided that I want to know about everything that Liri has gone through and is still going through in captivity. It is important for me to know, it is important for me to feel her, that's how I think I feel her."

"First of all, we demanded that the decision makers see this video, that they also see the uncensored video, that they understand the urgency, that they understand what is happening. But they want to sleep well at night, and they are busy with irrelevant things and come out with certain statements and it doesn’t really interest them.”

"We see that there have been no negotiations for bringing home the hostages for two weeks. That's two more weeks on top of the time the girls are already there and every hour is an eternity, every minute there is an eternity."