Yitzhar Junction, archive
Yitzhar Junction, archiveTPS

Residents of Judea and Samaria report that Palestinian social media groups have been celebrating the stabbing attack at Yitzhar Junction this morning, and calling for others to imitate the attacker.

A message that has gone viral on Palestinian Telegram groups shows a picture of a man with a kefiyyeh and a knife approaching a man in haredi garb, with a caption reading, "Stab and plunge your knife into their skulls."

Residents of the area report that recently, security forces have received orders to clear numerous roadblocks, some built by the forces and some by Israeli civilians, that have been closing the roads out of Palestinian Authority towns in Judea and Samaria since the early months of the war.

The residents believe that the stabbing attack is a direct result of the order to reopen the roads, and groups from many towns are planning protests with the intent of keeping the roads closed to Palestinian traffic.