The Yitzhar Junction
The Yitzhar JunctionMizmor Liksenberg/TPS

One person was injured Thursday morning in a stabbing attack at the Yitzhar Hagedola Junction, south of Shechem (Nablus).

The victim arrived by vehicle to the Samaria Brigade, where he received medical treatment and was evacuated, conscious, to Beilinson Hospital.

According to the victim, the terrorist attacked him as he was opening the window of his vehicle, and stabbed him.

The victim has been identified as a career IDF soldier. The hospital confirmed that he has suffered moderate injuries, but is not in danger of his life.

An IDF spokesman confirmed: "We received a report regarding a stabbing attack in the Samaria Region."

A later IDF report said: "Following the report of a stabbing attack in the Samaria area, a short while ago, a terrorist arrived at the Yitzhar junction, stabbed an IDF NCO who was in his vehicle and fled. IDF soldiers are searching for the terrorist and have blocked roads in the area."

"The NCO was moderately injured and has been evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment. His family has been notified."

Security forces are searching for the terrorist, who escaped the scene on foot. Road blocks are being set up around the Huwara area.

The terrorist was found after a three-hour search.

"A short while ago, following a search carried out by the IDF in the Samaria area, an individual suspected of carrying out the stabbing attack at the Yitzhar Junction this morning (Thursday) was apprehended by IDF soldiers in the town of Awarta," the IDF said.