ICC (International Criminal Court) in the Hague
ICC (International Criminal Court) in the HagueBas Czerwinski/Pool via REUTERS

U.S. Senators and members of Congress are working to prevent arrest warrants against senior Israelis, and plan to take steps against the International Court in The Hague should arrest warrants be issued.

Kan reports that Israel continues to try to prevent the International Criminal Court in The Hague from issuing arrest warrants against senior officials in Israel, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, and the Chief of Staff.

The assessment is that if arrest warrants are indeed issued, it will not happen soon. The reason is that it involves a process that takes time and requires the prosecutor to apply to the judges, who need to approve the move. Normally, the process takes weeks and is conducted confidentially.

Bloomberg News Agency reported Monday that the United States and other countries expressed concern about the possibility of issuing the arrest warrants.

Representatives of the countries argued that this could impede efforts to achieve a hostage deal.