President Herzog with the delegation
President Herzog with the delegationMaayan Toaf / GPO

President Isaac Herzog today, Thursday, met with a delegation of US Congressmen and women from the Democratic Party, led by AIPAC.

President Herzog said: “I want to express my gratitude to all of you for coming to Israel in these dire days and difficult moments. It means a lot to the Israeli people, and I am grateful to you. The United States of America has no greater friend than Israel, and Israel has no greater friend than the United States of America. This unbreakable bond, this alliance, is as strong as ever and is irreplaceable."

"We all have to understand that we share the same objectives. We share the objective of eradicating terror, of fighting the empire of evil which emanates from Tehran, and wants to undermine world law and order, and its adverse directly to the national interest of the United States of America. And of course, as a clear enemy of ours too."

"We are here fighting on behalf of humanity in its entirety, and for the entire free world. We are figting a violent, aggressive, and brutal terrorist organization which holds 134 Israeli hostages - and we are praying, and acting and calling for their release every day."

"We share with the United States of America, and with the President of the United States of America, our dear friend President Joe Biden, the same vision of eradicating terror, of bringing the hostages back home, a vision of moving towards peace with our neighbors - once we finish the ability of our enemies to carry out terror from Gaza against us. And finally, most importantly, we share the vision of inclusion of Israel in the region, in which I believe strongly, including the normalization with Saudi Arabia."

"President Biden is a great friend of Israel. When we hosted him less than two years ago here, I could see his love and affection and emotion towards the people of Israel and the State of Israel. The tears in his eyes when he saw so many great moments here. He is a true friend and I respect him a lot for that."

"And I say to our friends in America, and I say to the Israeli people: this bond is essential, essential to the well-being of our nations, and we should simply focus on upgrading, enhancing, and strengthening this bond. Because, this bond is a unique bond throughout the history of two nations who believe in true humanitarian values. We will work together to alleviate and upgrade the humanitarian aid to Gaza and we will work together endlessly to bring the hostages back home. And we will work endlessly to fight terror, stand up to the empire of evil, and lead the world and the region to a better future."