An indictment was filed against fifty people for the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in 2021, including against the president's widow Martine Moïse, who planned to succeed him after the murder.

In addition, twenty mercenaries who were present at the scene of the murder, most of them Colombian citizens, will also be prosecuted.

The judge decided to prosecute the president's widow, who was also injured during the assassination, as it is claimed that Moïse provided contradictory statements, which may imply her involvement in the murder.

In addition, the judge decided that sufficient evidence was found to prosecute former Prime Minister Claude Joseph and former Police Commissioner Leon Charles as well.

It was reported in Haiti that the widow contacted the former prime minister so that he would assassinate her husband and she would become president.

Even so, according to documents that have been leaked to Haitian media, it is still not clear how and who financed the mercenaries and the murder that rocked the country.

Since the murder, Haiti has suffered political upheaval and elections have not been held in the country. Criminal gangs in the country have also grown stronger due to the political vacuum that has been created.

The UN warned that due to the increase in crime, the number of murders in 2022 has doubled.