Mexican migrants trying to cross border
Mexican migrants trying to cross borderiStock

Apparently, Joe Biden can keep on doing what he’s doing, since enough people are happy with his leadership.

A Fox News Survey says so…says that 45 percent find him to be a “strong leader.” True, 53 percent believe otherwise, but that only means America still has a pulse.

We ain’t done yet.

But it’s getting close, and that figure of 45 percent suggests that some 150 million Americans are cheering for Calamity Joe, as all of us together are being driven over a cliff.

Who are these guys? Who are these people, nearly half the country, who find no imperfection in a president who so far, from Afghanistan to our Border, has done everything wrong.

These people are 1, utterly clueless, 2. fanatically Liberal, or, 3, aren’t even Americans in the first place.

I say this with eyes on the Southern Border where at the moment thousands of migrants have washed into Texas and built themselves a shanty town under a bridge.

They do not need to be vaccinated for Covid or for any other diseases. You do. They don’t. This is so due to Biden Logic we have come to expect.

Just as we have come to expect his spokesperson Jen Psaki to becloud this and every other issue through double-speak. Open borders? Nothing there Team Biden can see.

Despite assurances that the intruders will be sent back…well that is not how it works. Most, unvetted, will stay and be distributed throughout the land, likely to a school district near you.

The Israelis know this story from their own migrant crisis, where, due to the incursion, crime and disease are rampant through parts of south Tel Aviv.

Then there’s the fact of Israeli sovereignty and the threat of losing the Jewishness over the Land should the nation be swamped from gate-crashers.

Here, for this latest influx into Texas, largely Haitians, the number we are being given is 15,000…all that over a period of a day or two.

But in the weeks and months since Biden has been in office, the number of illegals marching in, and staying, has been tabulated to be in excess of two million.

(Legal refugees, like your folks and mine, often waited five-plus years in order to secure the proper papers.)

They’ve been arriving at 200,000 a month. Since Biden flung open the Border. The number could be higher. That’s the point. We just don’t know.

We know nothing about these invaders…except this…

Soon, they will be voting…as Democrats.

So now you get the general idea. Demographics is the name of this game, and the game will be played out only after all 50 states are turned blue.

Now we get the picture as to why Democrat leaders want multitudes voting without IDs.

At this rate, Donald J. Trump may be the last of a kind, a Republican president.

That has been the plan all along, to overwhelm the country with instantaneous Democrats, coming in, unchecked, from anywhere and everywhere.

But even before Biden came along, waves of illegals kept coming in, in numbers, over the decades, that vary between 20 million and 50 million.

Nobody knows.

Yet here they are and we do not know to what degree they have reshaped the cultural and political landscape of the country.

Then this…in the midst of Biden’s blunder, thousands of unvetted Afghans got on the last planes leaving Kabul to make themselves at home in the United States.

Welcome, I suppose, but please drop your systemic anti-Semitism, because more of that we don’t need.

Nor will we need more slanderous anti-Israel voices in Congress once you get elected. The Squad is enough.

Americans…what’s left of us...we certainly are a generous people…generous to a fault.

Overall, if you think this is not your grandfather’s country anymore, welcome to the consensus.

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