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Alma Or, 13, today (Wednesday) shared on Instagram that while she was in captivity she did not know that her mother, Yonat, had been murdered. Alma’s father, Dror, is still being held hostage in Gaza.

“Mother, for four months I didn’t talk about you at all. I tried not to mention your name. For four months I tried to not think about it at all. For four months I did not believe it. Four months since they took the most precious person away from me,” she wrote.

Alma added, “Mother, I don’t believe you are not here. Until now I could not talk about you. I kept it all to myself. Mother, I am glad that we managed to say ‘I love you’ to each other on that day, but I didn’t manage to say goodbye properly.”

“Mother, I dreamt about you so much. I miss you so much. I can’t believe that I am talking about you in the past tense. The thing I feared the most my whole life, has happened. I knew that one day you wouldn’t be here anymore, but I didn’t think that it would be today.”

Alma continued to describe the feelings of longing, “Mother, other than missing my mother, I also miss your jokes. I miss your hugs. I miss you telling me to stand up for myself and to ignore anyone who might be standing in my way. I miss your strength, I miss your voice, I miss your fear, I miss your breathing. I miss you in everything that I do in my life. I miss coming home and hearing you asking how my day was, or how my training went.”

“Mother, I can’t stop thinking about you and that I didn’t talk about you all this time. I just hope that somehow you can see all this from above. I hope that you are there with all your friends, and mine.”

Ohel Beshorai, Alma and Noam Or’s uncle told CNN, “My sister, their mother, was murdered on October 7th. The children didn’t know that. We thought that they were together during the abduction, but they were separated from the outset. When they crossed back over the border with their grandmother and older brother, the first news that they had to deal with was that their mother wasn’t alive anymore.” “It was a very difficult and traumatic moment for them,” he said.