Guy Iluz
Guy IluzCourtesy

The family of 26-year-old Guy Iluz, a resident of Tel Aviv who was taken hostage by Hamas from the Supernova Music Festival in Re'im, was informed that he had died and that his body is being held by Hamas in Gaza.

Iluz, a guitarist who played with famous Israeli artists such as Shalom Hanoch and Matti Caspi, was leaving the party in Re’im in October 7 with ten of his friends, when Hamas terrorists arrived.

Footage from the terrorists’ bodycams showed them arrive at Iluz’s jeep and murdering everyone who was inside. At the bottom of the picture, a person believed to be Iluz was seen fleeing the jeep.

He late called Magen David Adom and reported that there was a terrorist squad in the area and that he was hiding behind a tree, wounded and bleeding. This was the last time he was heard from.

Channel 12 News reported on Friday evening that Maya Regev, who was also kidnapped from the music festival and freed earlier this week, told Iluz’s family that Guy was hospitalized with her in a hospital in Gaza, and died of his wounds about eight days later.

According to the report, a committee determined that Guy was dead following Regev’s testimony.

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