Yehuda Levi
Yehuda LeviCourtesy of the family

The father of Yehuda Levi, an eight-year-old boy killed by a rockslide in August recalled the horrific moments during their family's end-of-vacation hike.

"We went on a hike, like every family, a week before the start of the school year," the father said. "It was the most cursed day of our lives."

"My wife thought it was a rocket attack. There was a boom and then smoke started to rise, and then just like in a battlefield, Yehuda was lying completely limp, my wife was trying to stop the bleeding in his abdomen. She was also hurt on her hand.

"My daughter was also injured in her leg, and we were helpless. We didn't know what to do. Apparently rocks fell, what the Director General described to me, that it apparently was a rock or a few rocks measuring a meter and a half to two meters, apparently from the blast at a height, it shattered into shards and apparently a shard hit his abdomen. We didn't know what to do.

"My older daughter said, 'Dad, take off your tzitzit (religious fringed garment) and put it on him like a tourniquet.' My second daughter pulled off her shirt, put it as a tourniquet on my younger daughter, Ruth."