In the hearings regarding two right-wing activists who were arrested five months ago on suspicion of damaging Arab vehicles on Purim eve, it became clear that the ISA identified the suspects based on observation.

The suspects were held in ISA custody in harsh conditions, and investigated while they were denied a meeting with a lawyer for many days. After several weeks, an indictment was filed against them.

Attorney Adi Kedar from the Honenu legal aid organization, which represents the suspects, asked to receive the investigation materials, but according to the ISA, the main evidence against the suspects is their identification by a "contract observer" of the organization, who claims to have identified the settlers by getting to know them and following them.

The ISA refused Adv. Kedar's request to receive the document on the grounds that it was confidential. Adv. Kedar submitted the document to the Prosecutor's Office to review, where it became clear that the ISA admits that it has been monitoring and observing activists for years, even when they are not suspected of anything.

Attorney Kedar responded to the revelation of the ISA document and said: "We were surprised to find out where precious public resources are being diverted: Instead of bringing about the capture of terrorists who have been carrying out attacks on the Huwara highway for years, ISA officials are instructed to closely monitor right-wing activists. We will do whatever is required to clarify the matter, including the establishment of a committee that will investigate this issue in depth."