Eli Cohen and Israel Ganz
Eli Cohen and Israel GanzIsrael National News

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen spoke to Israel National News on Tuesday and commented on the firestorm following his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Libya, noting that he is working to bring about diplomatic achievements.

"The Likud led by Netanyahu is the one who brought the Abraham Accords. Benjamin Netanyahu is the one who will lead the agreement with Saudi Arabia - and I believe it can happen, it is within reach, within the next six months," said Cohen.

"We are working to break through and bring diplomatic achievements. In just the last six months, two Muslim countries opened embassies in Israel. Next week a country from Asia will open an embassy in Jerusalem," added the Foreign Minister, who spoke at an event marking the conclusion of summer at the Binyamin Regional Council.

Cohen continued, "I usually visit the Binyamin Regional Council every few weeks. We are at the traditional event together with the excellent head of the council, Israel Ganz, who for the last five years has given his all and we can see the results with our eyes. All the budgets he brought in during the last few years. We will continue to see the momentum of the projects."

"This is an opportunity to say ‘well done’ to the head of the council who, even during the time period in which we were in the opposition, he put the national camp first and presented an ideological backbone," concluded Cohen.

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