Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rockets today
Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rockets todayMajdi Fathi/TPS

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip have fired over 100 rockets at Israel over the course of one hour Wednesday afternoon, and Arab sources claim that the response to the assassination of three Islamic Jihad leaders is just beginning.

Hezbollah's Al-Mayadeen television network quoted Palestinian Arab sources as saying that the terrorist groups in Gaza are using new techniques in an attempt to confuse Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system so their rockets can avoid the interceptors and strike Israeli towns and cities, and they believe that there has been a decrease in the effectiveness of Iron Dome.

The Islamic Jihad Telegram channel stated that the terrorist organization is using a new launching system to fire rockets.

Last week, Islamic Jihad fired six rockets at Sderot, four of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome system and two of which struck the city, injuring three foreign workers. The 67% interception rate during that attack was significantly lower than the Iron Dome system's usual effectiveness, which is well over 90%.

A Twitter account affiliated with Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations posted a threatening message directed at the residents of Tel Aviv. The message, which was accompanied by a Palestinian Authority flag and a bomb symbol, read: "Do you like the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv? Go there, and Gaza will greet you there in the next few hours."