Bay Area, California
Bay Area, CaliforniaiStock

A hate incident investigation has been opened by police in Saratoga, California after antisemitic flyers were found on cars, according to the Mercury News.

The flyers were discovered by a Jewish resident who found one on his windshield on his way to work on Wednesday.

According to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, numerous flyers with “negative ranting about Jewish culture” were left on cars across the city.

“I pulled over and pulled [the flyer] out, and discovered that it is a disgusting, antisemitic screed about all Jews being sexual perverts,” Saratoga resident Michael Malter told the news outlet.

“It’s especially upsetting because I’m Jewish. This is the purest hate crime I’ve ever dealt with in my 69 years,” he said.

“The Sheriff’s Office has a zero-tolerance policy against any and all forms of hate,” the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The incident came only a week after antisemitic flyers were found in the nearby communities of Ross and San Anselmo on April 21.