IDF roadblock on the road to Evyatar
IDF roadblock on the road to EvyatarTPS

A rally was supposed to be held this afternoon in the Samaria village of Evyatar to support those who responded to the shooting attack in which the Yaniv brothers were killed. Although the event was approved in advance, the approval was canceled at the last minute and according to its organizers, the IDF is blocking roads to prevent citizens from attempting to reach the area.

Security sources confirmed that large forces of IDF and the Border Police are deployed in the area, as well as police officers who are setting up roadblocks to prevent access to the scene of the attack.

The organizers of the rally, through lawyers Hagai Wintsky and Eran Ben-Ari, urgently appealed to the IDF's legal advisor for Judea and Samaria, with a request that he authorize them to hold the rally at the nearby Tapuah Junction.

Yesterday we saw how thousands of citizens go out to" demonstrate, in some places illegally. The police permitted this and gave every citizen the right to demonstrate, even at the cost of disrupting traffic and disturbing other citizens in their daily routine. But when it concerns the settlers in Judea and Samaria, there is a different law and a blanket prohibition to hold events to the point of persecution of the settlers by senior IDF officials," the residents argued.

"We call on Defense Minister Yoav Galant to change the policy in Judea and Samaria and abandon the path of his predecessor in office, Benny Gantz, who restricted the freedom of movement of the settlers," they added.

Ahead of the rally, a number of Knesset members from the coalition sent messages of encouragement to the families and Yeshiva students who came to the scene after the attack in Huwara.

The Nachala movement points out that besides MK Zvi Sukkot, Knesset member Ohad Tal from Religious Zionism will also establish a parliamentary office in Evyatar.

MK Keti Shitrit of the Likud said: "I don't need a coalition agreement so that we can return to Evyatar because the agreement is the agreement we signed when we arrived here and committed to populate and settle the country. But there is an agreement and it must be respected and this agreement is an agreement that our obligations are to come and settle Evyatar."

"The previous bad government removed the sweet, good, loyal and moral settlers and also the good Yeshiva where they studied Torah, where they learned exactly what our ancestors did during their exile and who returned to settle the country. This is an urgent matter and our duty and therefore we as the Likud movement that represents the people of Israel, we will stand behind our commitment and with God's help, we will soon return to Evyatar," she added.

MK Ariel Kallner of the Likud noted that "Evyatar is a settlement that needs to be established, this is our commitment and that of the Likud movement to the Land of Israel, this is our commitment to the building of the country. This settlement cannot remain desolate and cannot not have Jewish citizens in it. I will do everything so that a Jewish settlement will soon be established in Evyatar."

Deputy Minister Michal Woldiger from Religious Zionism said: "With God's help, we will soon return to Evyatar. We are in the month of Adar and there is Purim and there is a reversal of fortunes - I do not want to reverse the coalition agreements, I want to uphold them as written and worded."

"We will be at Evyatar no matter what, for the sake of all those who sacrificed their lives for the lands of the State of Israel. This is something that must be done for the living as well as for the dead and we will, with God's help, do it," Woldiger said.

MK Limor Son Har-Melech expressed support as well: "The settlers of Evyatar are Zionist pioneers, and their demand for the immediate establishment of a permanent settlement in the place is moral and just." This is a settlement of strategic importance that dominates one of the main traffic routes in Samaria, and strengthens Jewish control over it. I fully support the demand of the residents of Evyatar, and call on the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister to announce today the granting of official approval for the establishment of the settlement."

MK Eli Dallal of the Likud said: "Dear residents of Evyatar, I want to strengthen you for the struggle to settle the Land of Israel. We will do everything so that the settlement will be legal."