The frontman for British pop rock band The 1975 was blasted this week after a video surfaced showing him making what appears to be a Nazi salute on stage while mentioning Kanye West.

The on stage behavior of singer Matty Healy shocked fans, who questioned his motives in allegedly holding out his arm and making the antisemitic gesture in the video posted to Twitter.

The video shows the band performing their hit song Love It If We Made It.

While singing the song, Healy says: "Thank you, Kanye, very cool," and then makes a gesture which resembles a Nazi salute.

The concert took place only days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Fans of the popular band reacted with outrage on Twitter. One fan wrote, "Another reason to hate matt healy this man has no self awareness."

In 2019, Hely told music magazine NME that “I would play both Israel and Palestine.”

“It’s like the Palestine/Israel thing – I would go and play both places. Not because I’m taking a side but because there are young people there who are not representative of the government, and I believe that in countries that may be war-torn or separated due to political ideologies, the only thing that unifies people is culture and art,” he told the outlet.

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