Police and Border Police stop for a moment of prayer
Police and Border Police stop for a moment of prayerIsrael Police Spokesperson’s Unit

For the first time, on Wednesday, thousands of police and Border Police officers stopped their activities all over Israel for a moment in order to pray for the safety of the homeland, and an emphasis on peace.

In recent times, the security situation throughout the country has challenged the Israeli public and the security forces, especially the Israel Police officers, Border Police operators, and police volunteers. The murderous terror attack that took place on Saturday in Neve Ya'akov sharpened the will of the Israeli police rabbis under the command of the Chief Rabbi of the Police, Rabbi Rami Barchiho, and of the Border Police, Rabbi Yitzchak Blaichbard, in the urgent need to unify together under a special prayer taking into account the burden of security issues.

Indeed, for the first time in the history of the Israel Police, all the rabbis of the Israel Police and Border Police gathered in the Synagogue of the Central District to say a prayer for the safety of the operators and policemen who risk their lives every day and night.

The police rabbis were joined by thousands of police and Border Police officers from all over the country who stopped their work for a brief moment and together offered a "prayer to the creator of the world" so that he would protect the people of Israel and give them the strength needed to meet the special challenges that the people of Israel are experiencing today.

Israel Police Chief Rabbi Rami Barkiho told the other police rabbis that he felt the magnitude of responsibility placed on the shoulders of our police officers and volunteers. In addition, he added that it is our duty to strengthen them at every opportunity in order to enable the existence of a normal life throughout the State of Israel.

Border Police Rabbi Yitzchak Blakebard commented on the mass prayer group and noted that he felt great pride in being among the wearers of the uniform who combine on one hand the Tanakh and on the other hand the weapons designed to protect the residents of the State of Israel.

The rabbi noted that in his daily meetings with Border Police officers throughout the country and especially in the places of conflict, he felt the power inherent in each of them and that the prayer that they all joined together to say at the same time adds superpowers to their complex tasks.