Weiss reciving the award
Weiss reciving the awardYaniv Cohen

Hundreds of women from the Beitar movement in Israel and the across the globe gathered in Eilat last week for the Annual Beitar Women's Conference.

The conference celebrates the work of Beitar women over the past 100 years since the movement was founded. During the conference, certificates of appreciation were awarded to female leaders.

Daniella Weiss was awarded the "Beitar Award of Appreciation" in recognition of her work for the settlement of the Land of Israel.

The award, bestowed upon Daniella Weiss by the Beitar Movement: "Symbolizes determination in the spirit and legacy of Jabotinsky."

In the words of the explanation, it stated that she won it "for her many years of work for the settlements in the Land of Israel and for strengthening the spirit and faith of the people of Israel in the homeland. Daniella symbolizes the struggle of determination in the face of many difficulties and leads by personal example. Numerous generations of young men and women have followed your example and devote time and effort to the sanctity of the settlement of Eretz Yisrael in accordance with the spirit and legacy of Jabotinsky."

The conference opened with greetings by Yigal Brand, CEO of Beitar's Global Leadership, Eli Lankri, Mayor of Eilat, and Jacob Haguel, Chairman of the World Zionist Organization.

Yigal Brand, CEO of the global leadership of the Beitar movement, said: "Jabotinsky was the first to recognize the importance of women in the public sphere, and after 100 years of Beitar, we continue on the same path that he began. In the global leadership of the Beitar movement, women occupy a significant place, not in words but in deeds."

The chairman of the 'Nachala' movement, Daniella Weiss, added that "with the entry of the new government, the atmosphere has changed. However, now we also expect the implementation of the policy on the ground. In Ramat Arbel in the Galilee, they are waiting for a government decision on the establishment of a large settlement. The families of Evyatar expect an immediate return to the settlement as promised in the coalition agreements.