Almost two months after the "Victory Conference" that called for the return of Jewish residents to Gush Katif, CNN chose to cover the side that supports the idea.

In a segment that declared Judea and Samaria "Palestinian land" and that Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal, CNN's reporters sat down with Nachala General Director Daniella Weiss, who they called "the godmother of the Zionist settler movement."

“No Arab, I’m speaking about more than two million Arabs. They will not stay there,” Weiss said during the interview. “We Jews will be in Gaza.”

When reporter Clarissa Ward said that this sounded like ethnic cleansing, Weiss responded, “The Arabs want to annihilate the state of Israel so you can call them monsters. You can call them cleansing of Jews. We are not doing to them; they are doing to us.”

Also interviewed in the article was Heritage Minister Amihai Eliyahu (Otzma Yehudit), who supports the idea of restoring the Jewish communities of Gaza.

"The language of the land says that wherever there is a Jewish settlement there will be more security. Doesn’t mean there will be absolute security, but there will be more security," Eliyahu said.

The minister was asked why he would "advocate for something that many would say is illegal, is immoral, is not supported by the majority of Israelis and is also very harmful to Israel in terms of its international standing?"

He responded, "Why do you think it is immoral to take land from someone who wants to kill me? Why is it immoral to take my land, which my ancestors lived there, which I have even given up, to someone who slaughters, rapes and murders me? What is more immoral than that?”