A huge pile-up of more than 200 vehicles took place on a foggy bridge in Zhengzhou, China on Wednesday.

The massive car crash occurred as an unusually thick fog enveloping the area led to dangerous conditions on the Zhengxin Huanghe Bridge, Reuters reported.

Footage of the multi-vehicle accident showed a truck driving into the back of another vehicle which led to a chain reaction, with cars sliding into other cars. The sirens of multiple rescue vehicles could be heard sounding in the background.

Videos from the scene showed the bridge under a heavy fog with little visibility. All manner of cars and trucks were pushed and slammed in multiple directions into each other as they began piling up on the bridge.

In footage released by the Telegraph, a truck surges forward, plowing into the cars in front of it with a crunching sound.

Vehicles showed major damage, including smashed bodies, hoods and windows.

According to reports, the fire department arrived with 11 fire trucks and 66 firefighters to aid accident victims. Many of the injured were trapped in their vehicles and needed help from rescuers.

At least one death occurred. Over 200 vehicles were involved in the pile-up.