Scene of the explosion in Jerusalem
Scene of the explosion in Jerusalem Shalev Shalom/TPS

The investigation into the Jerusalem bombings has been significantly delayed, due to the fact that the municipality's cameras at the entrance to Jerusalem were not operating at the time of the explosion.

The cameras at the Ramot Junction were operating, and footage was gathered by Shabak (Israel Security Agency) immediately after the bombing.

Eighteen people were injured and one killed in the attacks, which occurred during the Wednesday morning rush hour.

Israel Police noted that in the past several hours, security forces are continuing to carry out a variety of operational, investigative, and intelligence activities to locate and arrest the terrorists involved in the attacks.

According to the police, "Following the attack, disinformation and false information was published on social media, both with regards to the specific and concrete warnings about this attack, of which there were none, and also regarding the events preceding the attack, which did not occur."

"We want to clarify that the irresponsible spread of information of this nature misleads the public."