The violent eviction of the yeshiva students from "Derekh Emuna"
The violent eviction of the yeshiva students from "Derekh Emuna"Courtesy of the photographer

A group of yeshiva students who held a musical gathering on the site of the "Derekh Emunah" (The Way of Faith) outpost south of Jerusalem, were violently and forcefully evacuated. During the incident, one of the participants was arrested and brought to the police station. The incident occurred several days after an Arab threw rocks at the arrested individual's wife's car, and continues to walk freely without fear of arrest.

In a letter to Defense Minister Benny Gantz, MK Simcha Rotman (Religious Zionism) complained about the minister's policy regarding the settlement movement in general and the haredi settlement movement in particular. "You are not contributing to the residents' feeling of security nor their trust in the security forces," wrote Rotman.

In addition, MK Rotman demanded that the conditions under which the order that declared the area as a closed military zone was made be publicized.

MK Yariv Levin (Likud) also sent a letter to Defense Minister Gantz complaining about the security forces' conduct in the area and the minister's policies.

The outpost's representative Shimon Ginsburg stated: "Benny Gantz's motivation to send soldiers, during a time of unrest, to beat Jews who just came to sing, and sit around a campfire, endangers the state of Israel and rewards terror."