Cohen after the assault
Cohen after the assaultCourtesy

Journalist Itamar Cohen was violently assaulted on Sunday by police at the scene of the stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Cohen, who was struck by the officers using nightsticks, was taken to the hospital for treatment. He suffered a fractured arm, bleeding, and bruising on his legs.

Talking with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, Cohen said that he arrived at the scene before emergency medical teams, "A group of Border Police officers removed me from the scene and two minutes later they moved me back to another street, as I told them that I'm a journalist and that the commander told me to stand there."

According to him, "They pulled out their nightsticks and hit me until I bled, over eight times." He added that "these were the same officers that attacked my friends, journalists, last Thursday, and they know who I am."

Cohen recounted: "After two minutes I got over the pain, I walked over to the officers and asked for medical attention, the cruel officer again attacked me, (struck me) in the arms and broke them. After that he yelled to the officers 'Don't talk, hit with your clubs.'"

The Union of Journalists in Israel condemned the violence: "We are shocked, angry, and fiercely condemn the severe violence by Border Police officers against the journalist Itamar Cohen who came yesterday to cover the terrorist attack near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem and was hit by officers using clubs until his arms broke."

It added: "We demand that the police immediately suspend the officers involved, apologize to the journalist, and take steps against the officers who were involved in the violent incident."