During an enforcement operation, Israeli traffic police received a report regarding a vehicle which was driving recklessly down Route 241, towards the Gilat Junction in southern Israel.

A squad car was sent to the scene, and the police officer who spotted the vehicle driving on Route 25 noticed that it was traveling carelessly and swaying from side to side, veering onto the shoulder of the road, and nearly overturning.

The officer stopped the vehicle, and discovered that the 47-year-old driver had 11 live sheep in the trunk of his vehicle - something which is illegal.

The officer wrote out an order for the driver to appear in court for driving carelessly, and Agriculture Ministry enforcement supervisors arrived at the scene, fined the suspect, and ordered him to appear for interrogation.

Superintendent Ella Kana of the Negev traffic police said, "Transporting animals in such a fashion may cause suffering to the animals, and it is also a serious traffic crime, which may cause and accident endangering the driver and the others on the road."