Rimmel family
Rimmel family Credit: Courtesy of the family

The Arab driver who hit the Rimmel family's car two weeks ago on Route 443 near Givat Ze'ev was re-arrested on Sunday morning following a police investigation that revealed he was traveling more than 105 miles per hour as he reached the intersection and hit the Rimmel's car.

Tzipi Rimmel and her baby daughter Noam Rachel, only three weeks old, were killed in the accident.

A Channel 12 News report on Sunday said that later this week the prosecution is expected to indict the driver, 18-year-old Tariq Kurd, for reckless homicide, which carries a prison sentence of up to 12 years.

There was an improvement in the condition of the father of the Rimmel family, Ephraim, who underwent complex surgery on his back over the weekend. On Sunday morning, he returned to consciousness. He is still hospitalized in the ICU and his condition is stable.

The condition of his son, 12-year-old Itai, is still critical.

The Neve Tzuf community requests that the pubic pray for father Ephraim Tzvi Moshe Ben Shulamit Tzivia and his son Itai Yaakov ben Tzipora.

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